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Dance Paws

Dance Paws Basic Sole - Light Nude

Dance Paws Basic Sole - Light Nude

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These Dance Paws in basic sole in light nude allow maximum barefoot feel for dancers who want to feel like they are barefoot.

They are kept snugly in place by individual toe holes and a wide elastic band.

They are made with durable 'powermesh' spandex and synthetic suede.

Dance Paws shape to your foot, creating a comfortable and secure fit.

Manufactured in the USA with all vegan materials. 

Basic Sole: maximum barefoot feel

Putting on your Paws

  • Place tip of each toe in its hole, then pull till snug against foot. 
  • If holes are too tight customize using instructions in your package. 
  • Dance Paws will conform perfectly to your foot after 6 hours, at first they will feel tight around your foot, but should be comfortable around your toes.